Endless Online : Credential
List of most individuals who been involved into core development of Endless Online.

Developers : Original A-Z

Amanda Panda ; The artist and creator of every pixel of the original pixelart.
DwD Chaos ; Composer who created the background music tracks.
Sakura ; Look at the main menu and you see the wonderful anime artwork Sakura created.
Vult-r ; Creator of the original server and client engine code.
And the original game admins ; Aengie, Laine, Mizzy, Rexor and Teror.
Contributors : Other A-Z

Sausage ; Creator of the open source eoserv project.
Sordie ; Creator of SEA addons and ideas adopted in deep client.
Active Server : Owners A-Z

Apollo ; Endless Edge
Arglon ; EO Plus
Cirras ; Bones Underground.
Elevations ; Endless Online 2 & Fallen Eveolutions
Shizle ; Boundless Adventures
Trippie ; Trippies EO
And all other contributors, mentioned on their third-party websites.

Is there someone else that should be on the list? please contact me here.

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